"To write is to see the inner workings of ones soul"

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Tom Howard, Author

Welcome!  I hope you're well and finding everything you're looking for.  I wanted to take a minute and tell you a bit about myself and my love of writing.

At the early age of ten, I discovered my passion for writing when inspiration struck in the form of a children’s commercial. I remember clearly laying in front of the TV in our living room, watching a black and white commercial whose purpose was to inspire children to read and write. I had no idea that thirty-seconds would drive me through childhood, the always fun teenage years, right into adulthood. Like all writers, my brain wouldn’t shut off, whenever I picked up a pen, my imagination took flight.

Let me set the scene of my original inspiration...

It was a cool, crisp, Fall evening in New York. The stars shown brightly accented perfectly by moon glow. The detective, a little girl, about the age of seven, was searching for her lost partner, a young boy of the same age. She had received a tip he may be down by the docks, as the mob had gotten hold of him. Speeding there as quickly as she could, she found a single wooden crate standing on the far edge of the dock underneath a lonely light. Cautiously approaching, the young girl reached out and unlocked the crate to find...her partner, completely unharmed.

It wasn't too much, but it did the trick for me, and I've been writing ever since, with only three purposes: 1) to tell a good story, 2) to inspire others, and 3) in subtle and obvious ways, spread the good news of God. These are what I love to do, and I hope you enjoy reading my novels as much as I love writing them.

I began my writing career with my first novel “One Summer”, a romance about young love and the hardships that come with. After writing love stories, and an inspirational novel about a family struggling to hold it all together after tragedy strikes, I decided to turn my attention to something in which he could make anything happen – supernatural thrillers.

It was with “Caged Light” I finally found what I loved to write. It began several years back when I wrote a scene about two people being chased through a forest by hellish creatures, knowing full well, death was imminent. For two years those papers were stuck in a sock drawer, and I wasn’t sure why I kept those scrap papers until one day I finally pulled them out, realizing I had to know who those people were, what they were running from, and the events surrounding them. It wasn’t until reaching the last few pages, I realized what I intended to be a single novel had, in fact, spawned a series.

The one thing most all my novels have in common is a Christian undertone, which is pretty obvious in some areas of my novels. I try to get the message of God and Jesus across in all I do whether it be two people falling in love or a former hitman turned demon killer, because, for me, God is number one. I know and can say flat out, without God I would not be where I am or have the gift and love of writing.

I graduated from Allegany College in Cumberland Maryland with an Associates of Applied Science, and currently live in Martinsburg West Virginia, with my wife Laurel, and three children, Ian, Chloe, and Eva. And yes, those are the hands of Ian and Chloe on the cover of "Never Give Up"!