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If you  want to escape into a world full of fantasy and action, 

step into the realm of Asteah...

          The realm of Asteah, a land parallel to the realm of men, was a once peaceful nation. Creatures of myth and legend lived harmoniously under the rule of the three master races, Elves, Centaurs, and the Keepers of Avalon. The Elves, the fairest and wisest of all races ruled from the glistening eastern sea to the plains of the west, while the Centaurs, who valued strength above all else, controlled the mountains. The Keepers of Avalon were different from all other races, living only on the island of Avalon. A race of humans, hand picked by the archangel Michael, trained in the ways of warfare to combat any threat that would dare impose its will on Asteah.

          But like all things, the time of peace came to an end.

          With the first sin of man, the world shook, causing a great quake in Asteah, opening the door to the Shadow Lands. A place of great evil. For thousands of years the demon sisters, Abyss and Zephera, laid in wait, amassing an army so strong it was capable of destroying the very Wards of Avalon which kept them at bay for so long. Like a plague the demons spread across the land, infecting everything they touched, filling them with their evil.

          In a further attempt to destroy Asteah, Abyss created a Rift to the realm of men, a people who were never meant to touch the purity of Asteah. Like a poison, men spread across the land, their hearts corrupted, drunk with consuming the wonders of the new land for their own. Their minds twisted, they fought alongside the demons with the promise that once all life was extinguished Asteah would be theirs.

          However, three men, brothers, would not stand for this and along with the master races, led an uprising against the demonic forces, pushing them back to the Shadow Lands. But the damage had already been done. The evil of the demons had already begun to infect the land and corrupt the hearts of thousands who dwelt within.

          Having sealed the Rift to the realm of men, the archangel Michael took up his sword, in a final attempt to rid the land of darkness, and led the charge into the Shadow Lands, chasing the demons back to the fires from whence they came. Zephera managed to flee, but Abyss was chained to the highest peak of the lowest mountain in the farthest reaches of Hell where the angelic seal was placed upon her bonds until judgment day.

          As a result of the war, the three brothers and those loyal to them were allowed to remain in Asteah, each brother governing his own land as king. The Elves were scattered to the woodland realms while the Centaurs kept to their mountains. However, the worst tragedy of all was the demise of the Keepers of Avalon. The Wards of Avalon were destroyed, and the island had fallen. The shining beacon of Asteah was no more.

          The angels were gone and the beauty that was God’s creation was falling into shadow. If the demons were ever to gain a foothold in Asteah again they would not only be able to destroy it, but with the connection to the realm of men, they would corrupt the world beyond comprehension.

          However, in the midst of the darkness, if one so chooses to look hard enough, a small glimmer of light can always be seen.  

This is a brief explanation of Asteah. I will be expanding upon it further at a later date.

**This book will NOT be self-published as I will be seeking traditional representation.